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About Me

Hi! I'm a sound designer based in Paris with a passion for immersive soundscapes, specialized in video games.

While I understand the specificities of what sound means within a video game context, my main goal is to provide strong sonic assets tailored to the projects I work on that will serve a narrative faithfully. Driven by an insatiable desire to learn about the industry's state-of-the-art techniques, my sounds are always meticulously crafted.

Picture from Strawflower Fields

Strawflower Fields


For a streamer debuting, I was commissionned to imagine and conceptualize his universe, based on the general guidelines he gave me. This resulted in me creating a soundpack inspired by the Botanica genre for the different alerts he uses on stream, as well as a 2 minutes long waiting music, called Strawflower Fields, that loops seamlessly on itself.

  • Concept
  • Music composing

Sound Redesign - Crystalis Motus Taliyah

Personal Project -- MOBA Moveset Redesign

For this League of Legends sound redesign, I used shattered glass sounds with reverb to give that crystal-like quality and used a lot of earth/rock/boulder sounds for the overall design. Conceptually, I wanted to give a grotto feeling to her attacks, hence the heavy reverb. The earth sounds are both a reminder of her original character skin sounds, and a emphasis on her background as a desert nomad. I focused on the moveset, hence the lack of ambient, minions and footsteps related soundscape.

  • Earth Magic Design
  • MOBA Moveset Sound Conceptualization

Ambient Solarpunk Sound Redesign

Personal Project

This clip is from a non-diary milk ad, heavily based on solarpunk and Ghibli aesthetics. It highlights my approach to ambiences and everyday life, non-epic soundscapes. Most of the ambient sounds are designed by layering different textures I recorded in my hometown in Corsica last summer (2023), which I coupled with ambient coming from diverse sound libraries I found on the internet. I wanted to give a sense of rural Mediterrannea, which heavily relies on solar panels, while keeping the gist of the Solarpunk genre through soft electronic devices soundscapes.

  • Ambient Design
  • Sci-fi Sound Design
  • Solarpunk sound conceptualization
Original Ad